Egg Retrieval Process


Egg Retrieval Process What to expect from the last step in your egg donor cycle. The egg retrieval process is the last stage in your egg donation journey. After all the screenings, approval and matching process, and ovarian stimulation [...]

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Egg Donation Myths


Egg Donation Myths How much do you know about egg donation? Plenty of egg donation myths exist, and it can be confusing to figure out what is fact and what is fiction. We’ve written up this guide to help [...]

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Choosing a Fertility Clinic


Choosing a Fertility Clinic Things to consider while looking for your assisted reproduction clinic If you are seeking help with having children, choosing a fertility clinic becomes very important. Navigating infertility can come with a lot of emotional and [...]

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Egg Donation Disqualifications


Egg Donation Disqualifications What disqualifies you from donating eggs? Several requirements exist to become an egg donor, but what about egg donation disqualifications? Egg donor criteria serves to protect the health and well-being of the donor, the recipient, and [...]

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Trying to Conceive Over Age 40


Trying to Conceive Over Age 40 Why you should consider using donor eggs. Many women delay family building until later in life and end up trying to conceive over age 40. However, getting pregnant gets more and more difficult [...]

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Beginning Your Egg Donor Cycle


Beginning Your Egg Donor Cycle Important facts to keep in mind as you start the egg donor process Beginning your egg donor cycle is an exciting time with a lot of complex details! And while we go over the [...]

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