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Egg Recipient & Donor Fees

Learn more about our Egg Donation Program including egg donor fees, prices and compensation. We have clearly defined the egg donor fees and prices for our clients. For information on surrogacy costs and fees click here.


$9,000, This includes matching services, cycle coordination, and AMH testing. We work directly with your clinic to ensure coordination of the IVF cycle and handle the scheduling and travel arrangements necessary for the donation. (Can be paid by check, money order, or wire transfer)


$500 – This is a required medical insurance policy covering the donor in the event of a complication.
This fee will NOT be charged if your clinic already purchases this insurance for you.


$600, Legal Consult for Egg Donor

$1,000 (estimate) Legal Consult in creating the Egg Recipient & Egg Donor Agreement (paid to lawyer directly)

We can set you up with an infertility attorney to prepare, modify, and review the legal contract with you or you may select the attorney of your choosing. This is the agreement between you and the donor. There is no additional cost for assisting you in finding an attorney.


This fee varies depending on the donor chosen. Donors are compensated for the time and commitment required in completing a donor cycle.

  • First-time Donor compensation: $8,000+
  • Experienced Donor compensation: $10,000+
  • Exceptional Donor compensation: $15,000+

Donor’s travel expenses are an additional fee. (if donor does not reside locally)

You will receive itemized invoices and receipts for all travel expenses.


Once you select a donor and the donor agrees to move forward with the donation, the Agency Fee, Psychological Evaluation, Lawyer Fee for Donor, and Donor Insurance (if applicable) is due. Once payment is received, the donor’s status will change to “in cycle” (meaning that the donor is reserved for you).

Once the donor has successfully passed her initial screening and prior to the donor starting medication these amounts are due.

  • Donors full compensation
  • If the donor requires travel, the cost of travel

Our team of committed and qualified staff is here to provide guidance and support through this life changing process. Please contact us with any questions you have and to view our truly inspiring array of donors. Miracles are waiting!

* If donor is traveling for the cycle, payment arrangements must be made with the Intended parents and the donor’s local clinic prior to having testing done. No medication will be authorized to be disbursed to the donor until the Donor Fees/Expenses as set forth above are deposited into EDG’s client account. The donor will receive $1,000 of the total donor fee when she begins injectable medications. The balance is paid to her immediately following the transfer.