Yes. We feel it is important to realize the very large impact this donation could have not only on the lives of potential intended parents, but also on your life. With that in mind, we often encourage known donations so the intended parents can meet you to see more of your personality than is revealed in the application. Your health history may change years from now and you would want to keep the intended parents to whom you have donated informed. Some of our couples are same-sex couples and often prefer a known donor, which can help to relay honesty and dispel the mystery of the child’s birth story in the future. Finally, we want you to be aware that even if you prefer to have an anonymous donation, information technology is constantly evolving and there is no guarantee you would remain anonymous. We would hate to disrupt your life and potentially cause a negative situation for you and the child in the future if the child were to search for you.

Given all of this, we also feel strongly about discussing your intentions to donate with your family. We hope you realize we advocate this for your sake as well as for the sake of the child potentially brought into the world and do not wish to cause any relational difficulties in your life in the future. That said, there are ways our agency can stay in touch with you if you prefer an anonymous donation.