Is Surrogacy Legal in Alabama?

Surrogacy Friendly States and a Shift Towards Surrogacy-Friendly Laws.

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Is Surrogacy Legal in Alabama?

Alabama allows gestational surrogacy and is generally considered a surrogacy-friendly state. Because no federal laws exist regulating surrogate pregnancies, Alabama has its own set of practices and policies when it comes to getting parental orders. These can even vary from county to county. Working with an experienced professional familiar with Alabama’s laws and regulations will help you confidently navigate the process.

  • Same-Sex Friendly Married

  • Married Couple Friendly
  • Non-Married Friendly
  • Single Friendly

  • Donor Egg, Sperm, or Embryo Friendly
  • Pre-Birth Order, Post-Birth Order, or Post-Adoption Order

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How to Find a Surrogate in Alabama

Eggceptional Fertility makes it easy to find a quality surrogate in Alabama. We’ve created this guide with everything you need to get started on your surrogacy journey. Learn how to find an expert surrogacy agency, how surrogacy works, and Alabama surrogacy laws, and then schedule your initial consultation today!

How Do I Find Surrogacy Agencies Near Me in Alabama?

Surrogacy is a major emotional, physical, and financial commitment. It’s important to work with a quality surrogacy agency to save on time, money, and energy, and ensure the smoothest possible journey. To find an excellent surrogacy agency in Alabama, look for one with:

  1. Experience – the surrogacy journey is long (often over a year) and complex, with thousands of important details to ensure success and safety for everyone involved. While surrogacy experiences can share certain similarities, oftentimes unexpected situations arise. A surrogacy agency with years of experience will help you navigate your journey to parenthood with skill and confidence.
  2. Compassion – Intended parents pursuing surrogacy can feel a wide range of emotions – excitement, anxiety, joy, nervousness, and more. All these feelings are completely valid, and you deserve to work with an agency who will support you emotionally as well as logistically. Listen to your intuition when you meet with potential surrogacy agencies, and stay away from anywhere that makes you feel like a number instead of a whole human being.
  3. Transparency – Surrogacy is complicated, but it shouldn’t be mysterious. As an intended parent, you should feel fully informed and aware of every aspect of the process. Of course, you won’t need to manage these details – that’s what your agency is for! Still, a great Alabama surrogacy agency will be open and honest about answering your questions, whether it’s about their matching process, the surrogate timeline, or their costs and fees.

Since 2008, Eggceptional Fertility has provided expert surrogacy services to Alabama families, led by our belief that everyone deserves the chance to build a family. Our intended parents, surrogates, and egg donors all make up our extended Eggceptional community, united by our shared dream of helping families.

What Is Surrogacy? Who Uses Surrogates in Alabama?

Surrogacy allows people who cannot become pregnant or deliver a baby by themselves to become parents. Often, it also allows them to still share a biological connection with their child. Intended parents may pursue surrogacy because of biological or medical needs, such as the inability to safely carry a pregnancy or the lack of all the reproductive systems necessary to conceive.

During the surrogacy process, a fertility clinic develops an embryo from an egg and sperm from the intended parents and/or donors. The embryo is then transferred into the uterus of a gestational carrier/surrogate. The surrogate carries the pregnancy to term and delivers a baby. However, the surrogate does not have any parental rights or responsibilities to the baby, who instead is the intended parents’ legal child. Surrogates provide this generous service because they feel moved to help others become pregnant. In return for this significant commitment of time and energy, the surrogate receives compensation from the intended parent(s).

What Does Surrogacy in Alabama Cost?

Intended parents who pursue surrogacy in Alabama tend to have three large categories of expenses: surrogate compensation, medical costs, and agency fees. These costs can be further broken down as:

  • Surrogate Compensation
  • Medical & Mental Health Screenings
  • IVF & Embryo Transfer
  • Travel & Miscellaneous Expenses
  • Agency Fees
  • Legal Fees
  • Surrogate Medical Insurance
  • Surrogate Medical Care (including prenatal, delivery, and postpartum)

The exact costs of surrogacy vary, based on location, specific needs, surrogate experience, and other details. For instance, surrogates often receive additional compensation if they carry twins, or if they need to have a C-section for delivery.

Your surrogacy agency should provide a clear estimate of costs for your specific surrogacy journey. This should include both the agency’s fees as well as a typical breakdown of overall expenses and costs. Eggceptional Fertility has a mission to provide clear and transparent information on fees and expenses. For a more detailed look at our current surrogacy fees, click here.

What Is the Surrogacy Process?

The surrogacy process begins with finding an experienced Alabama surrogate agency and discussing your family-building goals in detail with them. From there, your agency will guide you through the matching process of selecting a surrogate and creating a surrogacy agreement. Once the legal and financial arrangements are complete, your fertility clinic will start the IVF and embryo transfer process. Next comes pregnancy, delivery, and bringing home your new baby!

Of course, there are many more steps and details throughout the surrogacy process. We will help you navigate the entire process with confidence and care. To start your Alabama surrogacy journey, schedule an initial consultation. At this appointment, we’ll get to know you and your family goals, and you’ll get to know us and ask any and all questions you have. The path to parenthood is only a click away – schedule your initial consultation today.