Is Surrogacy Legal in Arkansas?

Surrogacy Friendly States and a Shift Towards Surrogacy-Friendly Laws.

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Is Surrogacy Legal in Arkansas?

Yes! In general, Arkansas permits gestational surrogacy, as well as surrogate compensation. As long as the intended parents are married, both can be named as parents on the birth certificate, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or biological relationship to the child. On the other hand, unmarried couples have certain restrictions. Typically, only the biological parent will be listed on the pre-birth order. The other parent will have to do a second-parent adoption outside the state of Arkansas. As with any state, it’s important to find a surrogate expert experienced in Arkansas’s specific laws and regulations.

  • Same-Sex Friendly Married

  • Married Couple Friendly
  • Non-Married Friendly*

  • Single Friendly

  • Donor Egg, Sperm, or Embryo Friendly
  • Pre-Birth Order, Post-Birth Order, or Post-Adoption Order

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How Do I Find a Surrogate in Arkansas?

Finding a surrogate in Arkansas is convenient and rewarding with Eggceptional Fertility. We’ve created this article with all the information you need to start your journey to parenthood through surrogacy. Read on to learn more about how to choose a surrogacy agency, surrogacy costs, and the surrogacy process.

How Much Does it Cost to Use a Surrogate in Arkansas?

Intended parents who pursue surrogacy in Arkansas tend to have three large categories of expenses: surrogate compensation, medical costs, and agency fees. These costs can be further broken down as:

  • Surrogate Compensation
  • Medical & Mental Health Screenings
  • IVF & Embryo Transfer
  • Travel & Miscellaneous Expenses
  • Agency Fees
  • Legal Fees
  • Surrogate Medical Insurance
  • Surrogate Medical Care (including prenatal, delivery, and postpartum)

The exact costs of surrogacy vary, based on location, specific needs, surrogate experience, and other details. For instance, surrogates often receive additional compensation if they carry twins, or if they need to have a C-section during delivery.

Your surrogacy agency should provide a clear estimate of costs for your specific surrogacy journey. This should include both the agency’s fees as well as a typical breakdown of overall expenses and costs. Eggceptional Fertility has a mission to provide clear and transparent information on fees and expenses. For a more detailed look at our current surrogacy fees, click here.

Why You Should Work with a Surrogacy Agency

Working with a quality surrogacy agency can save you time, money, and energy on your surrogacy journey. An inexperienced agency, however, can stack up unscrupulous fees or simply waste your time. Typing in “surrogacy agencies near me” can lead to an overwhelming amount of links for different companies, many offering deals that seem too good to be true.

Eggceptional Fertility has been providing surrogacy services in Arkansas and across the South since 2008 and we believe that everyone deserves the chance to create a family. We see all of our intended parents, surrogates, and egg donors as part of one big Eggceptional family, joined by a common desire to build family legacies and change lives.

So how do you find a quality surrogacy agency in Arkansas?

We recommend looking at three all-important factors:

  1. Experience – Surrogacy is a complex and lengthy process, leading to one of the most important moments of your life: when you become a parent. A quality surrogacy agency will have guided many surrogate journeys and know how to handle even the most unexpected situations.
  2. Transparency – With all the different details involved in surrogacy, it’s important to have a clear and complete sense of what to expect, from the surrogacy process to the expected timeline to the financial aspects. Look for a surrogacy agency that clearly lays out their fees, and ask if any “additional” costs aren’t included in the initial agency agreement.
  3. Compassion – Becoming a parent through surrogacy is both incredibly rewarding and, at times, incredibly challenging. You deserve a surrogacy agency that roots for your success and supports you through the unexpected. Your goals should feel as important to the agency as they do to you.

When you find an experienced Arkansas surrogacy agency that communicates clearly and feels fully supportive, you’ll know you’ve found the right one.

Who Is Surrogacy For?

Surrogacy allows people who cannot carry or deliver a baby on their own to become parents, often while still sharing a biological connection with their child. In surrogacy, a gestational carrier (or “surrogate”) receives an embryo developed from the intended parents and/or an egg or sperm donor. The surrogate then carries the pregnancy and then delivers a baby. The surrogate doesn’t have any parental rights to the baby. In fact, surrogates generously offer to bring someone else’s baby into the world simply because they want to help people become parents. In return for the surrogate’s effort and time, she receives compensation from the intended parent(s).

An Arkansas couple or individual might choose to find a surrogate for any of several reasons, including:

  • They have healthy eggs, but can’t safely become pregnant
  • They had a prior hysterectomy
  • Neither parent can carry a pregnancy (for instance, gay male couples)

Some intended parents may need to also use donor eggs or sperm on their path to parenthood.

What Is the Surrogacy Process?

The surrogacy process involves:

  • Matching with a surrogate
  • Creating a legal surrogacy agreement
  • Developing and transferring embryos
  • Pregnancy, labor, and delivery

Of course, there are many more steps along the way! The journey begins with an initial consultation with your chosen surrogacy agency. During this consultation, we’ll learn more about you and your family-building goals, as well as answer any initial questions you have about the process. We will also go into more detail about the entire surrogacy process to give you a clear understanding of what to expect. To begin your journey and find an excellent surrogate near you in Arkansas, schedule your initial consultation today.