Benefits of Using a Surrogacy Agency

The surrogacy process is extremely complex and there are many benefits of using a surrogacy agency including protecting your interests. Creating a life is a major undertaking even before you add in all the logistics of finding intended parents, handling the legal and financial aspects, and arranging the medical procedures. Fortunately, this process becomes much easier by using a surrogacy agency. Rather than trying to manage everything on your own, working with a surrogacy agency provides you with support, protection, and resources every step of the way, so you can focus on the important work of helping someone build a beautiful and healthy family. There are many benefits to using a surrogacy agency, from finding intended parents to protecting your health and interests.

Mutual Matching with Comprehensive Screening

The most important step in any surrogacy journey is finding the ideal match between potential surrogates and intended parents (IPs). It’s crucial that both parties are fully informed and ready to take on this unique journey, with shared values and expectations. That’s a lot to find on your own! An experienced surrogacy agency takes the guesswork out of the matching process: they screen prospective surrogates and intended parents to get a sense of everyone’s individual needs and priorities. The agency then arranges meetings between IP(s) and surrogates they think would be a good fit. Of course, the decision is ultimately up to you and the IP(s), but by working with a surrogacy agency, you can trust that all the IPs you speak with have been vetted to be reliable and financially stable with a deep desire to become terrific, loving parents.

Full-Service Coordination At Every Step

Surrogacy is understandably complicated, given the financial, physical, emotional, and legal considerations involved. If you choose to pursue surrogacy independently, you’ll need to manage every step of the process, from locating and choosing the IP(s), finding a qualified lawyer, negotiating the contract, coordinating medical appointments between different clinics, and collecting compensation and expenses — all of which can differ from state to state, or internationally.

By partnering with a surrogacy agency, all of that work (a full-time job in itself!) is taken off your hands. The agency handles every step of the process, whether it’s matching with IP(s), legal services, scheduling appointments, coordinating communication, or handling details of the birth itself. The surrogacy agency will be in regular communication with you, so you can be confident you are fully informed and that your interests are being protected along the way.

Mediation During Unexpected Complications

Of course, everyone hopes for a straightforward and uncomplicated pregnancy, but in reality every pregnancy comes with unexpected circumstances. If you’re on an independent surrogacy journey, it can be challenging to navigate these situations gracefully without damaging your relationship with the IPs. A quality surrogacy agency helps with these situations in two ways: first, they work with both sides’ legal representatives to address as many situations as possible in advance, so the surrogacy contract covers what to do in case of unexpected complications. If any problems occur that weren’t covered by the contract, the agency mediates between the IP(s) and the surrogate to make sure everyone’s interests are protected. By having the agency handle any unforeseen developments, big or small, both the surrogate and the IP(s) can be confident that their needs will be heard and that these conversations will be compassionate, informed, and respectful.

Financial Security and Protection

As a surrogate, you should never have to pay out of pocket for any costs associated with the surrogacy process. By working with a surrogacy agency, you can have full confidence that all your expenses will be covered, and you will know exactly when and how much to expect as compensation. The agency will handle the financial aspects, with full transparency for both you and the IP(s), so you can all focus on the more important business of creating a happy and healthy new life!

Complete Care and Experienced Support – At No Cost

A qualified surrogacy agency prioritizes your health, safety, and happiness during the entire surrogacy journey. Whether it’s taking your late-night call to answer questions or providing mental health resources before, during, and after the pregnancy, your agency should provide you with everything you need, backed by their years of experience and expertise guiding surrogates through their journey. Plus, it’s important to note that you should never have to pay anything to work with a surrogacy agency – agency fees are covered by the IP(s). So when you factor in the security, convenience, and support offered by a surrogacy agency, all at no cost to yourself, the question really becomes: why wouldn’t you work with one?