Egg Donor Travel: What You Need to Know

What to expect and who to bring to your egg retrieval

We get a lot of egg donor travel questions: how often do I need to travel? How far away? How much time will it take? We have tons of experience helping egg donors through the travel requirements, and we’re here to help. Here are four common questions about what to expect from egg donor travel.

Why Is Egg Donor Travel Important?

While most of your egg donor journey takes place where you live (either in your primary doctor’s office or administering medications at your home), there are a couple times where you will need to go to the intended parents’ fertility clinic. Depending on where the intended parents live, their clinic may be far away from you, so some travel can be involved.

When Do I Need to Travel as an Egg Donor?

There are two appointments that take place at the intended parents’ chosen fertility clinic. The first is your medical screening, which takes place after you have been matched with the intended parents. This trip usually takes two days. You will travel the day prior to your appointment and return home after your appointment has been completed.

The second time you need to travel as an egg donor is for the actual egg retrieval procedure. This trip is a bit longer,  (usually 5 to 8 days) as you will need to arrive at least a day before and stay in town at least a day after the procedure. Some clinics require you to be nearby for a longer window, so they can monitor your ovulation and pick the best possible day for the retrieval. We will work with you and the fertility clinic to make sure you know exactly how long you will be expected to travel.

Do Egg Donors Travel Alone?

For the first screening visit, you do not need a travel partner. The trip is very short, and the screening is similar to an annual physical exam or PAP smear.

For the egg retrieval itself, you get to bring someone with you. This is actually a requirement, as you will receive light anesthesia during the procedure and will need someone to help you return to the hotel afterwards to rest. It is also nice to have a friend or family member with you for support as you go through the final step of this important journey.

Who Pays for Egg Donor Travel?

All egg donor travel expenses are paid for by the intended parents. This includes:

  • Flights for you and your travel companion
  • A hotel room for you and your travel companion
  • Meals during the trip
  • Transportation to and from the clinic

You will never have to pay for any costs relating to your egg donor experience. However, if you decide to stay in town a couple extra days to see the sights with your travel buddy, those expenses will be up to you!

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