How Much Does a Surrogate Cost in Florida?

What is the cost of surrogacy in 2023

Looking at surrogate cost in Florida depends on a few different factors. This can make it confusing for intended parents, especially if a surrogacy agency has hidden fees or costs that they don’t include in their base price. We believe in transparency for both our intended parents and surrogates. Here is a complete guide to our Florida surrogate fees.

If you’re considering becoming a parent through surrogacy, you’ve probably wondered, “how much does surrogacy cost in 2023?” The average cost of surrogacy in the US ranges dramatically, depending on who you ask and what variables are involved.

What Goes into Surrogate Costs in Florida?

Surrogacy costs break down as follows:

  • Surrogate compensation
  • Travel & misc. expenses
  • Agency fees
  • Screenings
  • Surrogate insurance
  • Legal fees
  • IVF & embryo creation

Each of these categories can have a range of costs, depending on your specific situation. In particular, your total expenses can be affected by:

  • Where your surrogate is located
  • First-time surrogates vs. previous experience
  • Using donor eggs or sperm
  • Unexpected complications during IVF or pregnancy.

Now that we have the major categories, let’s look into how much you can expect to spend for each surrogacy expense.

What Is the Cost of Surrogate Compensation?

At Eggceptional Fertility, surrogates usually receive between $60,000-$80,000. Surrogates with previous experience get higher compensation than first-time surrogates. Similarly, surrogates receive $5,000 more for each additional child carried past one. Surrogates may receive more money if their health insurance covers surrogate pregnancies, or if she needs to travel to the intended parents’ fertility clinic. Intended parents also pay for required psychological and medical screenings. Florida surrogate screenings typically cost around $500.

Surrogates may also receive other benefits from the intended parents as a part of their surrogacy agreement. This could include maternity clothes, house-cleaning services, or compensation for missed time at work. We can help you and your surrogate come to an agreement on what benefits to include within your contract.

How Much Are Surrogacy Agency Fees?

We charge a flat cycle fee of $30,000, paid in two installments. Our Florida surrogate agency fee covers all costs of coordinating your surrogacy journey from day one through the matching process through taking your baby home from the hospital. We provide each intended parent with personalized attention and care, taking care of the details so you can be present throughout this exciting and emotional process.

Surrogacy Legal Fees

During the matching and agreement process, both you and your surrogate will work with a surrogacy lawyer to create an agreement. This contract protects the rights of the intended parents, surrogate, and the future child, and lays out compensation and what to do in different situations. In our experience, legal fees are around $6,000. A professionally created legal agreement is incredibly important to make sure everyone involved is comfortable and on the same page. The agreement provides peace of mind along your journey. In addition, these fees cover any necessary paperwork to declare you the legal parent of your child.

Medical & Life Insurance for Your Surrogate

Unfortunately, many insurance policies do not cover surrogate pregnancies. If your surrogate doesn’t have coverage, you will need to purchase her a separate policy. We have insurance partners who offer affordable-cost surrogate policies for Florida parents, and can discuss the options with you during your initial consultation. If your surrogate has surrogate-friendly insurance, you will cover any related co-pays, deductibles, and out-of-pocket expenses. Intended parents also purchase a life insurance policy for their surrogate covering the duration of the pregnancy.

Additional Medical Costs: IVF & Embryo Transfer

A cycle of in vitro fertilization (IVF) and embryo transfer to the surrogate can cost between $20,000-$35,000. This range depends on your chosen clinic’s fees, medication costs, and the number of transfers attempted.

Using donor eggs or sperm introduces additional costs to surrogacy in Florida. Donor sperm may add another $500-$1000. Donor eggs, on the other hand, start at around $20,000. We offer a special discount for clients who use both our egg donation and surrogacy services.

Eggceptional Fertility Offers Compassionate Expertise with No Hidden Fees

Surrogacy requires a financial and emotional investment, but the end results are priceless. There is no greater joy than finally bringing your baby home from the hospital. We are here to help you chart a path to parenthood that is streamlined, affordable, and deeply meaningful.

To find out more about Florida surrogate costs, contact us for a free consultation today.