Medical Tourism to Cancun

The level of professionalism I experienced, without sacrificing the personal touch needed for the type of decisions associated with egg donation, cannot be understated.

My name is Casey and I am 25 years old. I donated through Eggceptional Donor Group in Cancun, Mexico. I can recommend with great certainty the services of both Eggceptional Donor Group and Fertility Center Cancun. The level of professionalism I experienced, without sacrificing the personal touch needed for the type of decisions associated with egg donation, cannot be understated. In sharing my experience here I hope to convey to future donors the confidence and sense of security I felt in working with Jennifer Ingle of Eggceptional and the team at FCC, led by Dr. Jose Gaytan. I also commend future donors on the altruistic quality of their decision to help hopeful parents fulfill their wish for a family.
Particularly for first time donors, as I was, there may be certain misgivings about undergoing a medical procedure outside of one’s home country; fears I wish to allay here. From the time I arrived at the airport in Cancun, I was met by Jorge Portilla, a native of Mexico who specializes in working with patients in the field of medical tourism. Jorge served as a personal driver primarily for medical purposes, but also coordinated any needs I had, recreational or otherwise. He assisted in communications and helped me navigate not only the foreign landscape, but the Mexican culture as well. I had access to him day and night for any concerns that arose and he was always a good source of information. Unable to secure a companion for the two-week period, Jennifer Ingle and her husband also made themselves available to serve in this capacity. Their presence was very reassuring to me, and it was made clear that my safety and comfort throughout the process were priority one. The Fertility Center Cancun facilities were state of the art, surpassing many offices I have seen in the U.S, and the staff was friendly and empathetic. All of the doctors I saw and the majority of the staff spoke fluent English, and all made a point to avoid any significant language barriers and ensure my understanding at all times. The particulars of my role in the process were well detailed for me with precision, and I had the option to have all treatments to occur at the center. Jennifer personally helped me in this part of the commitment whenever needed, and the stimulation became routine quickly. The actual retrieval was quick and easy, much less stressful than the anticipation I subjected myself to, and I emphasize that I was never in overt pain at any time before or after. Slight discomfort akin to pms is the worst-case scenario, and I did experience this for a few days prior to and after the retrieval.
All my travel accommodations were handled through the agency, and payment was prompt. The stress of the details was never on me as the donor. Leading up to leaving for Mexico I went through a cycle of birth control, an ultrasound and blood-work, all scheduling once again worked out by Eggceptional Donors around my preferences. Blood-work was also performed regularly while at the FCC to monitor my levels of hormones and keep me safe. My wishes were always respected and my questions never went unanswered.
Communication was also always ensured between myself and family and friends back home while I was in Mexico. When my family had doubts before I left, a skype call was set up with Ale Motta, cycle coordinator of FCC, to personally answer any and all questions they had.

It is also worth noting that while in Mexico I was not sitting in a hotel room all day, bored, waiting to go to doctor’s appointments. I went into this trip expecting mostly medical aspects, and was met with the opportunity to travel to a beautiful place and have an adventure gaining experiences I would not otherwise have had the resources to seek. While the purpose of the trip was of course ultimately the egg retrieval, it was easy to feel that I was on vacation with friends. One day we visited the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza and swam in a well in the earth sacred to Mayan culture. Other days we visited beach clubs on the ocean-front. There was time for pedicures and reading on the beach. I was able to go shopping anywhere from authentic Mexican outdoor markets to upscale modern malls. Each day was collaborative, and our time was used as we saw fit outside of the scheduled doctor’s appointments. And all this, not even mentioning the food, which was amazing thanks to recommendation from Jorge and other locals! My needs and wants were more than accommodated, and I got to see paradise while helping others.

In sum, I could not be happier that I made the very personal and important decision to donate eggs with Eggceptional Donor Group. I am proud to have been able to give of myself, broaden my horizons and work with people of such high professional and personal caliber.