Tips For Filming Your Surrogate Profile Video

How to Get Noticed and Match with Intended Parents

One of the most important parts of your surrogate profile is your video. The surrogate video is the first chance for intended parents to get to know you and learn a little about you and why you want to be a surrogate. Sure, you will also write some of that information down in your surrogate profile but saying it yourself in a video is really the best way to represent yourself. We find that surrogates with good quality videos match much more quickly with intended parents. But that doesn’t mean you have to hire a professional film crew to shoot your surrogacy video! Making a great surrogacy profile video is as easy as following these steps:

Surrogacy Video Tip #1: Make Sure We Can See You

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people take videos of themselves in dim light or with really busy backgrounds. The focus of your surrogacy video should be YOU – not the pile of laundry behind you (we get it, we’re moms, too!). You don’t have to invest in fancy equipment; just find a corner of your home with a non-distracting wall, and face a window or put a lamp in front of you to make sure we can clearly see your face.

Surrogacy Video Tip #2: Make Sure We Can Hear You

Intended parents want to learn about you, so it’s important they can hear what you’re saying. The regular microphone on any smart phone should be more than enough to clearly record your voice, but try to avoid any other distracting background sounds, like TVs, really loud air conditioners, trash trucks, or family noise.

Surrogacy Video Tip #3: It’s All About You

Choosing to be a surrogate is one of the most selfless things you can do – but in your video, the focus is all about you! Part of this means taking care of lighting and sound, as in the previous tips, to make sure that nothing distracts from you and your story. The other part is to present the best version of yourself – so wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable, share your favorite things about yourself, and tell the intended parents why you want to be a surrogate.

Surrogacy Video Tip #4: Give Yourself the Gift of Time

It’s very helpful to set aside an uninterrupted block of time to film your video. We know that, as a mom, you have a million different demands on your time, but giving yourself the gift of an hour or two to get ready and take your time with the video will help you be that very best version of yourself, with no distractions or demands. Whether that means having your spouse take the kids out for a playdate or filming while they’re at school, be intentional about setting aside time to gather your thoughts, set up your space, and feel comfortable opening up.

Surrogacy Video Tip #5: Just Be Yourself

Ultimately, the most important tip is to just be yourself! All these tips are really just to help you shine as your generous, compassionate self with no distractions. You are offering an incredible gift to intended parents, and they want to find a wonderful match. Making a good surrogate video means you are well on the way to finding the perfect intended parents for your surrogacy journey. And if you have more questions on how to film your surrogacy video, we’re happy to help! Reach out to us today.