5 Tips For Announcing Your Surrogate Pregnancy

How to share your good news with family and friends

Your surrogacy announcement doesn’t have to be complicated. Surrogacy is an exciting and emotional journey, and it’s completely natural to want to share it with your family and friends! Here are some tips for how to announce you’re expecting through a surrogate in ways that feel honest and authentic to you.

Tip #1: Decide How Much You Want to Share About Your Surrogate Pregnancy

Who do you want to tell about your surrogate pregnancy, and what details do you want to share? You probably want to tell your close family and friends, so they can share in your joy and be a support system. It’s totally up to you if you want to tell the whole world you’re expecting a surrogacy pregnancy, or keep those details to certain people. Because there’s still not a lot of widespread knowledge about surrogacy, it’s perfectly okay if you’d prefer not to answer a million questions about it. If you do choose to announce your surrogacy publicly, make sure you check with your surrogate before sharing any of her personal or medical details.

Tip #2: Decide When to Announce Your Surrogate Pregnancy

Just like with traditional pregnancies, many parents expecting through surrogacy announce the news to their close family and friends soon after the pregnancy is confirmed, and then wait a bit longer to share the news with their wider social network. If you have a baby shower, it’s a great opportunity to share pictures of the event with an announcement on social media. Because there are additional considerations with the surrogacy journey, some intended parents choose to wait until after their baby is born to share the news widely. It’s totally up to you!

Tip #3: You Can Keep Your Surrogacy Announcement Simple

If you prefer a streamlined approach, feel free to keep your announcement short and sweet. An ultrasound photo is a classic way to announce your pregnancy, plus it keeps all the focus on the baby. You can add a name and expected delivery date, if you’d like. If you don’t want to share the ultrasound, baby shoes or a baby toy are also popular images that work well for surrogacy announcements.

Tip #4: Or, Feel Free To Get Creative With Your Surrogacy News!

If you want to make a big deal out of your birth news, there are tons of fun ways to get creative with your surrogacy announcement! If your surrogate agrees, a photoshoot with them is a wonderful way to commemorate the journey. Include fun signs with clever wordplay, like:

  • “Our Bun” (parents) & “My Oven” (surrogate)
  • “Our Pea” & “My Pod”
  • “Made with lots of love and a little bit of science”

You can also use online templates to make your announcement look like an old-timey newspaper article or a movie poster – the only limit is your imagination!

Tip #5: Show Your Appreciation to Your Surrogate

It is completely up to you to decide what details of your surrogacy journey you want to share, and with whom. If you’re comfortable being open about your process, it’s a lovely gesture to recognize your surrogate in the announcement (make sure she’s ok having her name shared). This can be as big as a surrogacy photoshoot, or as simple as including a brief note of gratitude:

  • Thank you to our surrogate for growing our family
  • Made possible thanks to our surrogate, [name]
  • Surrogate and baby are happy and healthy!

Including your surrogate lets everyone know how grateful you are for her gift to your family, and helps to normalize non-traditional family journeys.

When thinking about surrogacy announcements, remember: it’s your journey! However you’d like to share the news is up to you. If you have questions about surrogacy, or talking about it with your friends and family, the team at Eggceptional Fertility is glad to help.