Ways to Save Money On Egg Donation

There are many expenses associated with egg donation, but you can save money on egg donation process without sacrificing quality or safety. Here are some simple tips to lower costs during your egg donation journey.

#1: Find A Fertility Clinic Near Your Donor

Intended parents are responsible for their donor’s donation-related expenses, including any travel required. If your primary fertility clinic is far away from the donor, the travel expenses can quickly stack up. Most clinics require donors to travel with a companion for the retrieval procedure, and to be in town for several days before the retrieval and at least one day after. You will be responsible for the expenses of both your donor and her companion during their trip. You will also be responsible for the costs associated with a third-party clinic to monitor your donor between the initial screening and the retrieval.

Choosing a primary fertility clinic near your donor can save money on egg donation by avoiding most or all of the additional travel and monitoring expenses. Additionally, if any last-minute changes happen (like rescheduling a procedure), it will be much easier and less expensive to adjust.

#2: Choose A First Time Egg Donor

Some intended parents are surprised to hear this tip but choosing a first time egg donor is one of the simplest ways to save money on egg donation. Repeat egg donors almost always have a higher fee than first-time donors. This is because some parents feel more comfortable with repeat donors, as they have already passed the medical and psychological screenings and have successfully gone through an egg donation cycle. However, there is no difference in viability (egg quality and chance of successful embryo creation) between first-time donors and repeat donors. Choosing a first-time donor can immediately reduce costs, not to mention offer you a wider pool of options to find the perfect donor. And keep in mind – every repeat donor was once a successful first-time donor!

#3: Partner With An Egg Donation Agency

This tip might seem counterintuitive when trying to save money on egg donation; working with an egg donation agency means you add agency fees to your total expenses. However, working with a quality agency can save you money in the long run. Agencies specialize in making the egg donation process as efficient and effective as possible. They have pre-qualified donor candidates, which saves you time and effort during the selection process and may prevent needing multiple donation cycles. Using an agency also protects your emotional and financial investment. If you try to save money by working directly with an egg donor on your own, they can back out at any time, and you may not have legal protection. By working with an established agency, you receive not only their expertise – you also get peace of mind.

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